I started this weekly series of arrangements of fiddle tunes for flatpicking guitar in April 2020 as a way to give myself a focus for my practice. Maybe it could do the same for you!  You can follow the series on my instagram. Tab is available for each arrangement below if you fancy giving any of them a try, or why not take a look at my new Patreon site where you can get access to all the tunes, tabs and more!

#21 Angeline the Baker PDF – £1video

#20 Billy In the Lowland PDF – £1video

#19 Old Piss PDF – £1video

#18 Cattle In the Cane PDF – £1video

#17 Maysville PDF – £1video

#16 Last of Callahan PDF – £1video

#15 President Garfield’s Hornpipe PDF – £1video

#14 Texas Gales PDF – £1video

#13 Piney Ridge PDF -£1video

#12 Elzic’s Farewell PDF – £1 • video

#11 Half Past Four PDF -£1video

#10 Glory in the Meeting House PDF -£1video

#9 Paddy on the Turnpike PDF – £1video

#8 St. Anne’s Reel PDF – £1video

#7 Garfield’s Blackberry Blossom PDF – £1video

#6 Queen of the Earth, Child of the Skies PDF – £1video

#5 Blackberry Blossom PDF – £1video

#4 Snowflake Reel PDF – £1video

#3 Make a Little Boat PDF – £1video

#2 Smith’s Reel PDF – £1video

#1 Happy Hollow PDF – £1video